The world's first block chain Westward Journey theme cultural tourism platform

In the era of blockchain, a journey to the west is needed

White paper

About us


DSX Westward Journey (hereinafter referred to as DSX) is the world’s first blockchain cultural tourism platform on the theme of Westward Journey. Unlike many simple and repetitive NFT tokens, the DSX platform chooses to develop based on BSC, focusing on the use of blockchain technology for the majority of Players bring an immersive Westward Journey theme tour. The NFT developed by the DSX platform will have extremely high collection value. Users can collect and transfer the western tourist object cards on the DSX platform. At the same time, DSX will also communicate with scenic spots through the travel APP. Tickets are synthesized into NFT for ticket verification, transactions, etc., to achieve secondary appreciation. In the future, DSX will independently research and develop a public chain to create the first NFT public chain for cultural tourism.

NFT plate


NFT is the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token. It is called “non-fungible token” in Chinese. It usually refers to the fact that developers based on the Ethereum platformThe tokens issued by the ERC721 standard/protocol are indivisible, irreplaceable, and unique. In short, ERC721 is usedTokens issued by standards/protocols are called NFTs.

The NFT developed on the DSX platform will have a very high collection value. Users can collect APP,and transfer the western tourist asset cards on the DSX platform.Let's wait, and DSX will combine with scenic spot tickets through the travel APP.




Circulation: 1.08 billion

Allocation ratio: Airdrop2%
Institutional Fund25%
Mining output60%

Development route


  • March 2021

    The core team components are completed, the bottom layer. The technical architecture is determined, and the early beginningReady to work.

  • April 2021

    Prepare project announcement

  • May 2021

    Issue DSX on BSC

  • June 2021

    Official release of the 
white paper

  • July 2021

    Launch DSX theme wallet APP

  • September 2021

    On-line centralized exchange,Plan Huobi Innovation Edition, etc.



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